Money for Lugging

from by New Waver

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Look at those builders - that's the way to do it
Renovating houses in Brunswick East
Beats rockin' - I should get into it
Money for lugging and your van for free
They're not hip, didn't go to uni
It must be easy to be dumb
Maybe get a blister on your finger
Maybe get a blister on your thumb

We've got to conduct telephone surveys
Wash dishes, casual data-entry
We've got to pay our last tour off
We've got to be at sound check by three

See that bogan with the ladder and the toolkit?
Triple M blaring out of his car
That bogan rents us our practice room
That bogan he's a millionaire

We've got to conduct telephone surveys
Hydroponic delivery
We got to pay our credit cards off
We got to serve these pots of beer

I should have learned to fix up houses
I should have wagged it at rock'n'roll high
They get a paycheck the size of my album grant
They get it every month til they retire
They own McMansions in the outer suburbs
I rent a bedroom in Coburg West
You can't download repairs to your plumbing
Their customers aren't on a free list

We catch the 8 am to the warehouse
Spend all day moving other bands' CDs
We got to find someone's car to borrow
We got to lug our amps in by three

I maxed my, I maxed my, I maxed my credit card ...


from Bohemian Suburb Rhapsody, released March 1, 2010




New Waver Melbourne, Australia

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